Are Druids liberals?


IT IS a rare lunar spectacle whose significance dates back to ancient times, drawing visitors to the Isle of Lewis from across the world.
But now the druids, pagans and witches who gather at the Callanish Stones fear the next time they visit their treasured view of the Moon could be ruined by a 53-turbine wind farm.

According to local belief, the Callanish Stones were erected so they would have a special relationship with a range of hills opposite, known as the Old Woman of the Moors.

Also called Sleeping Beauty, it is thought to resemble a pregnant woman on her back, and every 18.6 years the Moon appears to rise through her legs, as if she is giving birth.

It then sets between the Callanish Stones, as visitors beat drums and celebrate the lunar cycle.

Hundreds of new age celebrants gathered at the stones for the spectacle in 2006, but in 2024 when it is next due, they are worried it could be ruined by a wind farm.

I have always thought wind farms were pretty cool looking. I saw my first wind farm about 25 years ago on some hills in central California on my way to race my sail boat in San Francisco Bay. Since then, I have seen several wind farms in Texas. Big Springs has several turbines that compete with a refinery for the sky line view. It looks like energy production, which a pile of rocks does not. Here is a small image of the stones the Druids are obsessing over.

I think Druids must be liberals. It does not take much for them to hate energy production.

Electricity created by tidal turbines are already under attack in the US. Scotland has its first and expects more.


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