Syria opposition meets with Saudi King


In response to claims that the King of Saudi Arabia met with former Syrian Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam - a recognized opponent of Bashar Assad's regime – Syrian media announced Sunday evening that "Saudi Arabia is trying to create a civil war and implement US orders, in order to besiege Syria and harm its stability."

Arab-Israeli newspaper al-Sinara reported that, last Tuesday, during a ten day pilgrimage to Mecca, Khaddam met with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz.

According to the report, Khaddam, the king and the crown prince spoke of the situation in the Middle East, particularly regarding Syria's isolation from the international community, due to its political stance.


In an interview aired by a television station owned by the al-Hariri family in Lebanon, Khaddam spoke to the Syrian people in honor of Eid al-Fiter, promising that "the tyrannical regime is about to collapse" and be replaced with a democratic one.

"The leader will find that the opportunists and hypocrites with whom he surrounded himself will run away. He and his corrupt family will find themselves in the hands of justice," he declared.

"Ask yourselves, six years after coming to power, what has Bashar Assad done other than proliferating corruption, increasing suffering and making incorrect decisions that hurt national unity?" he continued.

There is more. This is potentially an interesting development. I wonder if this is what James Baker had in mind when they suggested that we talk with people in Syria and Iran? Probably not, but it would also probably be a more fruitful dialog.

In the Jerusalem Post report:

An exiled former Syrian vice president said Sunday that President Bashar Assad's regime is on the brink of collapse and called on Syrians to prepare for the day when he will be overthrown.

Abdul-Halim Khaddam, who is wanted in Syria on treason charges, said in an address to the Syrian people that Assad's "oppressive" regime will soon be replaced with a democratic civil government, but he did not elaborate.

Faster please.


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