No purple heart for Kerry's latest self inflicted wound

Frank James, Chicago Tribune:

Did John Kerry (D-Mass.) help himself in his Seattle news conference this afternoon to explain his astonishing remarks yesterday which sounded like an elitist shot at the intelligence of members of the U.S. military serving in Iraq? Short answer: no.


... here’s the problem. In his moment of high dudgeon, he may have made matters worse. It probably wasn’t a good idea to accuse everyone who saw the video of his campaign appearance and thought he was disparaging the IQ of U.S. troops of being “crazy.”


Let’s give Kerry the benefit of the doubt and stipulate he muffed his line. Wouldn’t it still have been wiser for him to humbly apologize to the troops directly for the misunderstanding that he, after all, caused?

You don’t have to be a right-wing radio talk show host to look at the video from Kerry’s campaign appearance yesterday and believe that he was indeed implying that those serving in Iraq are academic losers, there because they had no other choices.

It’s a safe guess that millions of Americans, including many Democrats, who saw the initial Kerry video have been shaking their collective heads all day wondering what was on his mind.

Kerry appears to have concluded that he’s being “swiftboated” all over again just like in 2004 and that the only correct response is to fight back....


But this wasn’t a swiftboat operation. Instead, Kerry was struck by his own torpedo which circled back after he launched it to explode right in front of him....

There is more. If you take Kerry's explanation that he muffed a joke about the President if reflects the conceit of liberals that if their opponent was really smart, he would be a liberal too. This conceit has led Kerry and other liberals to "misunderestimate" Bush on many occasions and he has made them pay. It is happening again and Kerry is not smart enough to see it.


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