No endorsement for mom

Austin American-Statesman:

Drew Brees wants no part of his mother's political aspirations.

The NFL quarterback and Westlake High School graduate has told Mina Brees, an Austin attorney, to stop using his picture in TV commercials as she runs for a spot on Texas' 3rd Court of Appeals, saying their relationship is now "nonexistent" after souring six years ago.

"I think the major point here is that my mother is using me in a campaign, and I've made it known many times I don't want to be involved," he said Monday.

The New Orleans Saints player said he is speaking out now because she did not acknowledge previous requests to keep him out of the campaign.

She said replacement spots have been sent to TV stations.

The commercial in question has been airing on local stations. It includes a picture of Drew Brees in a San Diego Chargers uniform (his former team) and notes Mina Brees' football ties: She is also the daughter of a successful high school coach and the sister of former University of Texas quarterback Marty Akins.

Mina Brees, a Democrat, is running for a spot on the court that reviews civil and criminal cases from 24 counties in Central and West Texas. Her opponent is incumbent Republican Justice David Puryear.

Drew Brees said that when he heard about the spots, he called his mother and asked her to stop them. She did not return his calls or stop using his image, he said, and his agent sent her a letter Oct. 20 threatening legal action.


During his senior year at Purdue, he said, their relationship crumbled after he refused to hire her as his agent. He said she later undercut his dealings with other agents and tried to sell a book about him to Sports Illustrated without his knowledge.

"There is definitely history," he said. "It's got nothing to do with my career path. I've just gotten older, and my eyes have opened to the lies and manipulation."


Wow. It is sad to see family disagreements pushed into the public, but clearly communications have broken down here.


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