WaPo thinks it is news that Roberts described the War of Northern Aggression as the "War between the States"


  1. "war of morthern aggression" bwahahahahahahahaha!


    "The January 26, 1861 edition of Harper's Weekly featured the following illustration, showing the First Shot of the Civil War.

    The first shot was fired on January 10, 1861. It was fired by the South Carolinians on Morris Island.

    They fired on the Union Ship "Star of the West" as it attempted to reinforce Major Anderson at Fort Sumter.

    The illustration below was an eye-witness drawing of this incredible scene. This newspaper also carried a Description of the Firing on the Star of the West."


    now mr. prairie punidt sir, maybe you were trying to make the pijnt that if roberst was a confederacy-fan he would have used the term " war of northeren aggression."

    if that is so, let my little citation only serve as a reminder to your confederacy'fan readers - if there are any - that they started the war; they seceded from the union, and that IF their secession/rebellion/insurgency and traitorous treachery had been allowed to stand, that the USA would not have been around to defeat nazism or cummunism - or even now jihadofascism.

    the "war between the states" was won by the good guys.

    all the best.

  2. I used the term War of Northern Aggression to show how silly the WaPo suggestion about the war between the states was. Anyone who is still fighting that war today is wasting a lot of time. The silly fights over the Confederate Battle flag are a perfect example of both sides wasting time over a symbol of a failed rebellion.


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