Saudis thwart attempted theft of autos for use as bombs in Iraq


Saudi security forces exchanged fire Monday night in the eastern region of Jubail with four Iraqis "who infiltrated into the kingdom to steal cars and smuggle them (to Iraq)," the first incident of its kind, an interior ministry spokesman said.

"A security patrol detected four Iraqis in Jubail province, and when it approached them, they opened fire on the patrol and tried to flee," General Mansur al-Turki told AFP.

"The security men returned fire. One of them (Iraqis) was wounded and transferred to hospital and the three others were arrested," he said.

Turki said security forces seized two cars stolen by the gunmen.

"The arrested men are being interrogated," he said.

The Saudis appear to be much more aggressive in stopping the assistance to the enemy in Iraq. Recent stories in the Arab News indicate a series of arrest that coincide with the US killing of al Qaeda's man responsible for coordinating with human bombers in Saudi Arabia. They have also been much tougher on the merchants of hate who pose as clerics.


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