More info on the medic who saved the life of the man who shot him

Army News Service:

Numerous articles have been written about Spc. Stephen Tschiderer, the medic stationed in Baghdad who survived being shot in the chest by a sniper only to turn around and treat his would-be assassin’s wounds.


In the end, it was the Iraqi citizens who led Tschiderer and his friends to the sniper.

“We ended up searching three homes on the west side,” said Tschiderer. “The families in the neighborhood kept pointing us in the right direction. In addition, the sniper’s toe was injured, so we were able to track him through a blood trail.”

As they went through the first house, Tschiderer’s platoon sergeant yelled that the sniper was in the next yard. Tschiderer and two IA Soldiers ran out the front of the house as the sniper tried to get through the gate in the front yard. When he couldn’t get through, he jumped over the adjoining wall.

Tschiderer, close behind, jumped over the wall, grabbed the sniper, searched him, handcuffed him, and put him in the humvee. The second suspect gave up when the E Troop Soldiers cornered him. He claimed to be the gardener for a nearby family; however, the family did not know him, and he did not know their names.

The Soldiers of E Troop found evidence of the attack in the suspects’ van. Lined with diapers to muffle the sound, the vehicle contained a Russian sniper rifle, a 9-millimeter handgun, three hand grenades, and a fourth grenade rigged to the fuel tank with a pin. The Soldiers also found a full bag of ammunition, as well as a video camera containing footage of Tschiderer’s attack. Two holes were cut in the back of the van, one for the camera, and one for the weapon.
There is much more detail if you follow the link.


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