Using UAV's

Sierra Vista Herald:


Two systems, Shadow and Hunter, are the main players in the Army's UAV program.


Unlike the Hunter which needs something akin to a runway to takeoff and land, the Shadow uses a rail launcher. But the Shadow lands in the normal way.

One thing the Shadow is incapable of is hanging missiles under its wings, in what the Army is calling weaponization.

A newer model of the Hunter, which is larger than the Shadow, has that capability and has proven it lethality in a test setting at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.


Employees in Sierra Vista are working on the Fire Scout, a small helicopter that will be remotely controlled, he said. The company also is involved in a number of other UAV programs.

"We (the company) have small Killer Bees up to Global Hawk," Edwards said. The Global Hawk is an Air Force controlled UAV. The Killer Bee is designed for the Marine Corps.


Major Gen. Barbara Fast, commander of the Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca, saw a different use of information obtained by UAVs, when she served in that nation as the senior intelligence officer for land forces.

Noting American armed forces are sensitive about attacking anything that might have religious or other type significance in an operation in Fallujah it was apparent insurgents were using a mosque to mount attacks she said.

"We used a UAV to observe," Fast said, adding it became clear the insurgents were using part of the mosque for their activities. She did not state what type of pilotless plane was used.

A decision was made to attack the portion of the mosque being used by the insurgents, the general said.

"We were able to show precisely through the use of the UAV that we had been very careful in targeting to only hit the area where here was insurgency activity and left the bulk of the mosque completely intact," Fast said.

The video of the operations used put out to show the Iraqi public and other Arab nations "that we are very careful about the way we go about any type of operation that involves a mosque or any type of Islamic activity," she said.



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