Brits say deportees tied to al Qaeda

Arab News:

As British police prepare the first deportations of so-called “preachers of hate and intolerance”, which Home Secretary Charles Clarke yesterday confirmed could happen “very quickly — in the next few days”, new evidence has emerged about the direct terror links of the ten men detained on Aug. 12, including radical Jordanian cleric Abu Qatada, pending deportation.

Evidence presented to the Home Office by British intelligence agency MI5 and Scotland Yard’s Anti-Terrorist Branch, according to the London Evening Standard yesterday, pointed to direct links between some of the detainees and Al-Qaeda and its financing.

Eight of the ten detainees are Algerians who have been granted asylum in the UK over the last few years.

There are believed to belong to a cell operated by Abu Doha, who is in British custody pending extradition proceedings to the US over an alleged plot in 1999 to attack Los Angeles International Airport.

The Abu Doha cell is also accused of planning a ricin poison attack on the London tube system and plans to attack popular tourist sites in the West End.

According to the report, the evidence against some of the detainees is clear and overwhelming. One Algerian was an explosives expert who taught at an Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan.

Another sponsored young British Muslims to travel to Afghanistan for training.

If this is true they should be sending these guys to Gitmo instead of deprting them. Throwing brer Rabbit in the briar patch is not a winning strategy.


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