A question for the antiwar pukes

Dennis Praeger:

All those who support the American war in Iraq should make a deal with anyone opposed to the war. Offer to answer any 20 questions the opponents wish to ask if they will answer just one:

Do you believe we are fighting evil people in Iraq?

That is how supporters of the war regard the Baathists and the Islamic suicide terrorists, the people we are fighting in Iraq.

Because if you cannot answer it, or avoid answering it, or answer "no," we know enough about your moral compass to know that further dialogue is unnecessary. In fact, dialogue is impossible. Our understanding of good and evil is so different from yours, there is simply nothing to discuss. Someone who was asked a hundred years ago "Do you believe that whites who lynch blacks are evil?" and refused to answer in the affirmative was not someone one could dialogue with.

The anitwar pukes do not care. They hate any war more than they fear the enemy. Sitting in a ditch in Crawford, they feel safe. In this war the weakness of the enemy masks his evil intent from those who hate the fact that we are fighting him. They hate that fact more than they fear the enemy. They would let him continue to terrorize those unfortunate to get in his way, and they would then blame the US for prevoking the biggots' rage.


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