The anti American left

Dana Milbank and Alan Cooperman:

Cindy Sheehan: anti-American communist?

That was the accusation coming yesterday from the Heritage Foundation, which hosted author John J. Tierney Jr. for a forum titled "The Politics of Peace: What's Behind the Anti-War Movement?"

Tierney researched the movement for a book and came up with some choice descriptions. "I have to say it is communist," he told an audience at the conservative think tank, also describing the groups involved as "revolutionary socialistic" and "cohorts" of North Korea, Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro's Cuba. "We're really dealing with . . . a comprehensive, exhaustive, socialistic anti-capitalistic political structure," he said.

Tierney, of the Institute of World Politics, identified five groups: ANSWER, Not in Our Name, Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice, and He said these groups "come from the Workers World Party" and are an "umbrella" for smaller groups, such as the "Communist Party of Kansas City" and the "Socialist Revolutionary Movement of the Upper Mississippi." Of the last two, he said, "I'm just making these up.
Some of the groups may have ties that Tierney alleges, however their opposition to US involvement in Iraq is wrapped in disengenious rhetoric. Their complaints about "being lied to" are wholly disengenious. They opposed the liberation of Iraq back when they too thought Saddam had WMD. They favored relying on the corrupt UN which had been ineffectual through 17 resolutions over a 10 year period in attacmpts to get Saddam to account for his Wmd. He never was able to account. Most of them also opposed the liberation of Afghanistan from the Taliban. If they support resistance to al Qaeda at all it is through the failed lawfare model of the Clinton administration. They are anti any war anytime.


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