Former terrorism Chief and WaPo reporter team up for misleading story

Richard A. Clarke, the former head of counterterrorism in the White House under presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, said yesterday that there were twice as many attacks outside Iraq in the three years after the 2001 attacks as in the three preceding years.


Clarke took sharp issue with President Bush's repeated statements that by fighting terrorists abroad, the administration is preventing attacks in this country. "That is illogical on its face," Clarke said. Citing bombings in Madrid and London, Clarke said that "absolutely nothing prevents them from coming here."
There seems to be a lot of things that are keeping them from coming here, otherwise they would be here, since we are the focus of the war they declared. The country is certainly better off without this man's service. It can also be said that there have been fewer attacks on US facilities in other countries than there were while Clarke was head of the terrorism unit. The enemy is at war with us and whether we are in Iraq or not they will continue to attack where ever they can. Right now they are attempting to expand attacks beyond Iraq in hopes of relieving pressure on their forces in Iraq that are losing badly. Their latest strategy is not working any better, except in the minds of people like Clarke who is thankful out of a policy position.


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