Why Vietnam matters

John Kerry could never be the person to heal the wounds of Vietnam, because he was significantly responsible for some of the worse. His trashing of veterans including military leaders at all levels was one of the bright shining lies of war opponents that was calculated to make Americans want to lose the war. It was and is unforgivable and in and of itself makes him unfit for command.

The reason Vietnam matters is that it was turned into a quagmire by policies of liberal Democrats who did not have the will to fight the war effectively nor the political courage to not fight it. This is same problem the Democrats have today. They are an antiwar party cross dressing as nuanced hawks--exactly what they did in the 60's when they also characterized proponents of a more effective strategy as wildmen and crazies. Then when their strategy did not work, instead of taking responsibility for the mess they made, they blamed it on the military and later President Nixon. It is reasonable to fear they would do the same thing again if given the chance since Kerry still refers to the confict as Nixon's war.


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