Band-aids wound Kerry

Some Republicans attending the convention in New York are wearing band-aids with small Purple Hearts on them. Obviously those wearing them agree with the Swiftvet's accusations that at least one of his "injuries" was treated with neosporin and a band-aid.

The Dem's "rapid response" team swung into action saying the band-aids were an affront to every veteran wounded in action. This is nonsense on stilts. I was wounded and medivaced out of Vietnam and wound up spending several months at Bethesda Navel Hospital. Kerry's cheap Purlple Heart is much more of an affront to me than the band-aids. I just think they are a funny way of saying what a fraud Kerry is. Democrats make a huge mistake by trying to tie this minor piece of political theater to my ancient injuries. It is clear to me that the people wearing the band-aids are talking only about Kerry. Perhaps he should release his medical records to show who is correct about his first "Purple Heart."


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