Dems for hypocracy

Arnold Ahlert:

I'M sure John Kerry must have demanded that the Democratic Party condemn Michael Moore and "Fahrenheit 911" for attacking President Bush.

He must have said he would disassociate himself from both the movie and the director because of the numerous deceptions and outright lies contained in that "documentary." He must have characterized Moore's attempt to denigrate the president as a "fear and smear" campaign. Right?

After all, with the release of "Unfit For Command," which casts doubt on the veracity of Kerry's Vietnam War recollections, we see a candidate, a party and a left-leaning media demanding that president Bush condemn author John O'Neill.

Since fair is fair, I suppose that O'Neill should get a seat of honor at next week's Republican convention — like Moore sitting next to former president Jimmy Carter when the Democrats convened in Boston. Right?


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