What did Kerry do wrong?

Dick Morris:

AFTER one of the weakest convention performances in memory, John Kerry has had the worst post-convention period since Walter Mondale found himself defending Geraldine Ferraro's husband's business accounting in 1984.


* He stressed war in his convention speech, erasing the domestic-policy focus imparted by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. He became one of the only presidential candidates since Barry Goldwater to lose points during his acceptance speech.

* He made so much fuss over Vietnam that he legitimized the attacks on his war record. What would have been dismissed as right-wing hysteria became mainstream politics because Kerry made his Swift-boat record admissible and relevant to his credibility.

* He did not have any bold new programs to unveil after his convention was over. He had no post-convention game plan.

* He forgot that he had served in the Senate and spent all of 22 seconds elucidating his accomplishments in 20 years in that august body.


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