Another take on Times' discovery of Swift Boat Vets

Outside the Beltway:


That the backers of a group the opposes Kerry's election to the presidency would be people who share that goal is hardly surprising. That they would employ an ad agency that launched a successful ad against a Democratic candidate once upon a time, similarly, hardly shocks. Indeed, the argument that "These people are not to be believed because they oppose John Kerry's politics" is so weak as to do a disservice to the term ad hominem.

Similarly, the fact that their allegations as to the circumstances of Kerry's medals contradict Navy records is rather a given. In order to get medals from the Navy, one must have paperwork from the Navy. The paperwork would reasonably be expected to correspond with the outcome. If the Navy had records saying John Kerry was a lying weasel who submitted false reports to get medals and yet still gave him medals, that would be amazing indeed.

Finally, the idea that a group preparing to come out and take on the presidential nominee of one of the two major political parties would come together and form a strategy before going public is rather a sign of good judgment. Unless they are total morons, they knew that they would be in for a firestorm of counter-charges by the Democratic Party and its allies. As well they should.

Joyner also has a summary with links of other takes.


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