A comparison of Kerry's 1971 speech tothe Senate to his acceptance speech


1971: …we are ashamed of and hated what we were called on to do in Southeast Asia.

2004: I defended this country as a young man…

A question I have asked before, when did John Kerry decide he was proud of his service in Vietnam?

Kerry's "leadership"

Kerry has always shown a knack for dividing this country. His 1971 speech is a good example. But his true lack of leadership is demonstrated by the Swiftvets.

Even if you believe everything the Kerry people are saying about the vets, whichI do not, it is clear that John Kerry should get a failing grade for "playing well with others." Why do they hate him, a Dem might ask? Why do they clearly feel so betrayed by John Kerry? If this country makes the mistake of electing Kerry, he will have to try to lead in war time with a strong majority of veterans saying they clearly do not trust him. Because of his betrayel, the chances are remote that he can ever regain that trust. Imagine, not one of his senior officers will support him for president. The vast majority of the other officers he served with find him utterly unfit for command. What does it say about Kerry that they feel that way?

It clearly says he is not much of a leader.

When I went through Marine Corps OCS and Officer Basic School, one of the ways leadership was judged was by how effective we were at leading our peers. If we could not lead our peers, we would not be turned loose with a bunch of Marines. Kerry clearly fails this test.

The NY Times and other liberal organs may have contempt for the Swiftvets' attacks on Kerry, but those attacks cannot be explained away by a Rove plot as suggested by the Kerry camp. Rove may ge a genius, but there is no way he could have persuaded so many of Kerry's fellow officers to attack Kerry without a great deal of help from Kerry.

In the meantime, the Kerry media friends keep trying to spin this story against the vets, and they keep failing.

One of the reasons they keep failing is that the vets really believe what they are saying, not withstanding past inconsistancies. Speaking of which, Kerry is still getting a pass on his past inconsistancies including his Christmas in Cambodia fantasy, and his statement in his journal, two weeks after his first Purple Heart episode where he states that he has not been in combat yet. The internet is ripe with other Kerry inconsistancies, and it is time for the mainstreaam press to notice those.


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