Kerry's hatered of free speech

The attempts to make the Swiftvets who disagree with his version of events in Vietnam shut-up tells you something about Kerry's dedication to debating the points raised by the vets. These guys might shut up if Kerry came out of his hole and debated them on the issues they raise. However Kerry is doing what he did in 1971, he is trashing them. He has help from several media organs who also want these guys not to tell their version of events. Maureen Dowd of the NY Times tries to think up new names to call them. Adam Nagourney, thinks any discepancy in the Swiftvets account is dispositive, while completely ignoring huge discrepancies in Kerry's version of events.

If you did not read about Kerry's discrepancies in the times because the Times think they are not fit to print, here are a few of them.

  1. Kerry's fantasy of spending Christmas in Cambodia has been entirely discredited.
  2. Kerry's own journal states over a week after he supposedly "earned his first Purple Heart that he had yet to engage in combat.
  3. Kerry claimed that when Rassmann fell overboard on March 13, 1969 that all five Swiftboats fled the area. This was an impossiblit since the boat hit by the mine was unable to leave and the other three boats stayed to pluck some of its crew out of the water and keep the boat from sinking. Only Kerry fled. This is a huge discrepancy since Kerry used his version of events in an ad titled "No man left behind." Kerry's "injuries" during this event also put his third Purple Heart, which he used as his ticket home, into question. His injuries apparently stemmed from an accidental slef inflicted wound when he and Rassmann were throwing grenades into some VC rice storage barrels. Kerry had rice and small grenade fragments in his buttocks, which he later claimed as wounds during the mine explosion of a boat on the other side of the channel.
Kerry apparently cannot explain these discrepancies in his story so he wants everyone to just shut up and he even thinks the President should help him shut these people up. The guy really seems to fear a conversation on these points. This strongly suggest he knows that conversation would not be helpful to his candidacy.


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