LA Times poll shows Bush lead

Reuters via NY Times:

President Bush has pulled ahead of Democratic challenger John Kerry for the first time this year in a Los Angeles Times poll, the newspaper reported on Wednesday in its online edition.

The survey taken Saturday through Tuesday showed that 49 percent of registered voters favored Bush, while 46 percent preferred Kerry. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Survey responses indicated that Kerry had been hurt by attacks on his Vietnam service record by Bush backers, the Times said.

Elsewhere in the Times the paper tries to say Veterans have had a negative reaction to the Swiftvets ad. However, if that were true Kerry would not be trying so hard to get the ads stopped. His current strategy is to avoid discussing the substance of the Swiftvets charges and instead act like he is a victem. That is not a good strategy for someone trying to affect strength and courage.


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