Support grows for removing ethanol mandate

Washington Examiner:
The Environmental Protection Agency's ethanol mandate is on the short list for repeal this year, leaders on the House Energy and Commerce Committee said Wednesday.

In addition to supporting President Trump's priorities for pipeline development, Republican leaders on the energy committee want to roll back the EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard.

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., chairman of the committee, said the goal is to "put the consumer first and build policy from there."

Republican Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois, chairman of the committee's environmental panel, admitted that it will be a "heavy lift" to repeal the fuel mandate, but he said he was confident the changes had a good chance of passing.

He told reporters that "the ultimate goal" is to free "up the market" by "getting rid of the mandate and letting competition fill the void."
I enthusiastically support repeal of the mandate.  It was originally based on the flawed premise that there was a scarcity of oil in the World.  We now know that to not be the case.  It survives because of Big Corn and the politicians who support Big Corn.  It gums up small engines and reduces the efficiency of motor fuel for automobiles.


  1. No environmental group is for corn ethanol. AL Gore said it is a bad idea. Even greenpeace is against it. The Libaritarian party and the green party are against it. Only people in favor of the corn ethanol mandate are those making money off this scam, or those successfully propagandized by the US government or ethanol lobby


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