Media falsely claims there is no evidence of wiretapping despite their own reports of it

NY Times:

Fact-Checking Trump’s Defenses of His Wiretapping Claim

President Trump has offered no evidence backing up his claims that his predecessor spied on him, and neither have his defenders.
So, did the NY Times fact check its own story on January 20 on its front page where it said there was wiretapping evidence tied to the Trump campaign?  It is almost like its editors have an etch-a-sketch recollection of its own stories.  The least they could do is explain why they put a claim in a headline that they now say is not true.  The Washington Post has made similar claims for its own stories based on leaks.  Either those stories were false and they should say so on the front page or they should quit claiming that there is "no evidence" of wiretaps.


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