Judiciary joins the Democrats silent coup

Rush Limbaugh:
Yeah, it wasn’t that long ago I remember saying when we were talking about the deep state and the anonymous sources from the intelligence community that were showing up every day, multiple times a day, New York Times, CNN, NBC, saying the Russians colluded with Trump to screw Hillary, affect the outcome of the election. I called it a silent coup, and I remember some people reacting, “Rush, I realize what you’re saying here, but do you really want to say it that way, Rush, do you really, really?” Yeah, I do, and I think the silent coup is also occurring in the judicial branch of our country.
There is much more.

The Democrats are doing this with blatant forum shopping. They are filing the cases in left wing courts in the 9th Circuit so Trump does not get a fair hearing until the case gets to the Supreme Court which they can postpone to some extent.  They are also blatantly usurping executive power.


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