Iran swarm attacks vulnerable to A-10 Warthogs Gatling guns

Business Insider:
US military test shows the A-10 'Warthog' can obliterate the small-boat swarms that Iran uses

Patrick Megahan, an expert on Iran's military with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Business Insider that even without the Air Force the US Navy had plenty of ways to counter the threat posed by Iranian-style swarm attacks.

"US Army Apache attack helicopters also frequently drill aboard US Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf for countering exactly this threat," Megahan said of the swarming boats.

"This doesn't include the Navy's own Hellfire-equipped Seahawk helicopters or the Marine Corps' very capable attack helicopter squadrons that maintain an almost constant presence in the waters off the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. In fact, two fully load American attack helicopters would likely wreak havoc on an Iranian small-boat swarm."
The A-10's nose gun is ideal for attacking the small boats used by Iran,   The Marine corps new Viper attack helicopter would also be effective and it would be more likely to be on station defending the fleet, while waiting for the A-10's to launch.


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