Articulating the type of surveillance on Trump team that led to transcripts of conversations

NY Times:

Using Air Quotes, White House Walks Back ‘Wiretap’ Talk

Sean Spicer said that President Trump’s unsubstantiated claims weren’t meant to be taken literally. And Kellyanne Conway tried to clarify her ideas on microwaves as spyware.
The NY Times has had its own problems with this discussion, going back and changing its January 20 headline to remove the work "wiretapped" after Trump's tweet on the matter.  A snarky story about the White House confusion on the term can't erase their own confusion.

What seems clear is that someone in the government was recording phone conversations, whatever methods were used, and people in the government who oppose the results of the 2016 election were providing portions of transcripts of these conversations to the media in an attempt to hurt and distract the new administration.  The media appeared to gleefully embrace these leaks and is now engaged in a semantics argument about their nature.

I suspect that Conway may have been referring to some of the CIA methods discussed in the Wikileaks recent disclosures.  I assume the CIA was targeting those devices in hostile foreign countries.  I think it is much more likely that the source of the published conversations was from the NSA transcripts that were made available to former Obama team members.

I get the impression that the media snark about semantics is intended to be a distraction from finding the source of these illegal leaks.


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