Texas pipeline inspectors to get satellite phones and conceal carry weapons

Fuel Fix:
The Texas Railroad Commission rolled out new security measures to protect its employees patrolling South Texas’ energy infrastructure after they voiced concerns about their safety, the state’s oil and gas regulator said.

The policy changes follow complaints by Commission Chairman David Porter that the federal government had failed to protect pipeline rights-of-way from becoming pathways for illegal immigration and cartel activity.

Porter visited pipeline easements and oil and gas facilities along the Texas-Mexico border, and said in a statement that the region poses potential threats for agency inspectors.

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The new guidelines require inspectors to use a “buddy system” when working in potentially dangerous areas and authorizes the purchase of satellite phones for vehicles traversing remote regions near the border with limited cellphone access. Porter said the commission also plans to ensure that staff and inspectors can obtain a concealed carry license in a timely manner if they want to tote a handgun while on duty.
I can see where the illegals might choose to go the pipeline route to avoid the Border Patrol  This should also be a consideration in the proposed new pipelines to carry natural gas into Mexico.


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