Muslim civil war in Syria continues to spin out of control

Islamic State fighters have launched simultaneous attacks against Syrian government and Kurdish militia forces, moving back onto the offensive after losing ground in recent days to Kurdish-led forces near the capital of their "caliphate."

Islamic State sought to retake the initiative with incursions into the Kurdish-held town of Kobani at the Turkish border and government-held areas of Hasaka city in the northeast.

In a separate offensive in the multi-sided Syrian civil war, an alliance of rebels in the south of the country also launched an attack with the aim of driving government forces from the city of Deraa.
The attack on Kobani appears to be mainly a mass murder suicidal assault that has resulted in over a hundred non combatant murders but no recapture of territory;  The killers are surrounded and contained.  The fighting in Deraa demonstrates just how little control the government and groups like ISIL have in Syria.

Update:  The BBC reports the ISIL forces have been driven out of Kobani by the Kurds.


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