Attempted terrorist attacks in the US are at their highest level since 9-11

Daily Signal:
The United States is experiencing its highest level of terrorist activity since Sept. 11, 2001, according to a Heritage Foundation report published last week advocating Congress to take the U.S. terrorism threat “much more seriously.”

The report detailed the FBI’s arrest of a 19-year-old in North Carolina for conspiring with the Islamic State, the terrorist group better known as ISIS, to attack public venues in an attempt to kill hundreds of Americans.

The case is the 71st publicly known terrorist plot in the United States since 9/11.

Michael Sullivan told an undercover agent assigned to conspire with him for information that he planned the attack to support ISIS, showcasing the group’s ability to permeate borders beyond the Middle East through its extremist ideology. The report notes Sullivan’s terrorist plot as the ninth in the U.S. this year, all of which involved individuals inspired by ISIS.
If the enemy is on the run as Obama claimed, he is running toward the US trying to engage in mass murder attacks.  The attacks are a result of the weakness and retreat of the Obama administration.   Those who oppose the Patriot Act protections are also responsible for weakening the fight against radical Islamist.


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