Kurds surround ISIL forces in Kobani engaged in mass murder suicide attacks

Kurdish forces are closing in on Islamic State fighters in the town of Kobani in Syria, after the militants slaughtered at least 154 people in one of their biggest massacres of civilians in the country’s civil war.

A Kurdish spokesman told the Guardian that the militants were pinned in three locations in the embattled town near the Turkish border, including a field hospital. More than 100 hostages are being held by Isis fighters or are trapped due to the crossfire.

The spokesman said intermittent clashes were ongoing but the militants were completely surrounded.

“Daesh (Isis) is carrying out a collective suicide attack, not to control Kobani or occupy it, but to kill the largest possible number of civilians,” said Redur Xelil, the spokesman of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the main Syrian Kurdish militia.

Xelil said the number of people killed, which includes many women and children, is likely to rise as some of the dead are inside buildings inaccessible to the YPG.

Isis fighters in five vehicles entered Kobani under cover of darkness in the early hours of Thursday disguised as allied militiamen, before opening fire at random in the city and detonating a car bomb at a border crossing. The terror group lost over a thousand fighters last year in an ill-fated assault on the town, an enclave on the Turkish border that emerged as a potent symbol of Kurdish defiance against Isis.
Others have put the total non combatant deaths in the operation at 164 so far.  This is a typical respons of ISIL to its losing battles near its headquarters in Raqqa.  I suspect ISIL is also behind attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France.


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