The GOP message on sequester should be...


Before it became clear to Obama that conservatives were willing to stand on principle even in the face of defense cuts, he actually threatened to veto any repeal of the sequester. Now that we are calling his bluff, he is saying the world will come to an end if we don’t repeal it. The reality is that Obama couldn’t care less about defense. All he cares about is the non-defense spending. The federal budget sans base defense spending is roughly $3 trillion. A $42.7 billion cut is approximately 1.4% of the rest of the federal budget. If you can’t handle a 1.4% cut off your record high baseline after concocting this plan in exchange for your debt limit increase, you are nothing but a coward, Mr. President. 
This needs to be the message emanating from Republicans. Instead of buying into Obama’s message of doom, Republicans need to pocket this victory. They should let the American people know that they are willing to let go of their scared cow; now it’s time for Obama to man up and accept his own spending cuts, which are smaller than the defense cuts.
Obama is increasingly shrill which suggest to me he knows he is losing and is not getting public support for the tax increases he wants.  His obvious use of props that are not even on the federal payroll should be a joke or at least prompt the question, ":Since when is the federal government paying for police and fire protection and why are we paying for teachers at the federal level?"


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