A host of not too smart endorsements of Hagel

Jennifer Rubin:
Another day and another previously undisclosed Chuck Hagel speech replete with dumb and controversial remarks. (In his Cameron University speech in 2011 he accused India of fomenting terrorism in Pakistan and attacked NATO. This in turn caused a flap with India, which decried the remarks.) Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan joins the government of Iran, the National Jewish Democratic Committee and, as far as we know, every Democratic U.S. senator in giving Hagel a thumbs’ up to head the Pentagon.


Hagel has been stripped of the patina of competence and will go into his job with zero credibility even on his own side. His value as a prop to gussy up the devastating defense cuts is practically nonexistent. And because he is both dim and undisciplined it is unlikely he’ll get many delicate assignments with foreign leaders. Hagel may get the title, but only a foolish White House would let him actually do the job of defense secretary.

The public got a good look at President Obama’s judgment and that of the second-term team of lackeys. They can now more accurately evaluate how much the president pays attention to and supports our national security apparatus.


The mainstream media were entirely uninterested, as they were on Benghazi, in rooting out information harmful to the White House. Nearly all the meaningful reporting on Hagel was done by conservatives.

Democrats should have to pay a price for this mistake, but it is not clear that Republicans are willing to make them yet.  Hagel will go down as one of the few Secretaries of Defense with the prestigious Louis Farrakhan and Iranian endorsements.


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