Sugar a predictor of diabetes

Obesity is usually cited as the main driver of diabetes. But a new study by US medical researchers identifies sugar as a predictor of diabetes separately from obesity.

The study "provides the first large-scale, population-based evidence for the idea that not all calories are equal from a diabetes risk standpoint", and suggests sugar has "a direct, independent link to diabetes", he added. 
The more sugar was available in a country, the more diabetes it had, Basu's team found. For every extra 150 calories people in that country had from all sources, the prevalence of diabetes rose by 0.1%. But if those 150 calories came from sugar – about the amount in a 12-ounce can of soft drink – then the proportion of people with diabetes rose much more, by 1.1%.
This does not surprise me at all.  One of the first things the doctors told me when I was diagnosed with diabetes was to drastically limit my sugar intake.  In my case the pancreas had stopped producing the insulin needed to offset the sugar in my blood stream.  Once I got the blood sugar under control needed less insulin and now I use Victoza as my primary diabetic medication.  I now try to balance any sugar with fiber to offset its effects.


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