The goofy Obama response to authorizations to ease pain of sequester

Opinion Journal:
If you're reading this after midnight on Friday, March 1, the dreaded Beltway hour of doom known as the "sequester" has arrived and the news is that the world has not ended. You can pinch yourself to make sure. This does not mean there won't be more political histrionics, but the beginning of applying reason to Washington is understanding that it is possible to cut at least some federal spending.

President Obama's goal, by contrast, is not to cut any spending in the here and now, only sometime in the "out years," to use the Washington phrase, presumably when he'll be out of office. That's the only way to comprehend the White House statement Thursday that the President will veto any Republican bill to give him more flexibility to minimize any sequester damage.

We think the President already has more than enough authority to avoid harm to air traffic control, national parks and the like, as we wrote earlier this week ("The Sequester Revelation," February 27). We wish Republicans like Paul Ryan would say so. But in any case House Republicans are offering to give Mr. Obama even more flexibility, yet the President won't take yes for an answer.

Mull that one over: The President wants to deny himself and his executive branch the authority to do less harm. Don't stop me before I kill again.
There is much more.

Obama clearly wants the sequestration to be as painful as possible because if it is not he is cooked for the next four years as Republicans keep tightening the screws on spending.  Despite what the media is saying, I think the Republicans are playing this hand pretty well.  They need to be more aggressive in criticizing Obama for not helping to alleviate the pain.  The reason Obama will not go that route is he thinks taxes are the only answer to the deficit.

He has been working fairly effectively to redefine his tax and spend polices as a "balanced approach."  I dont know why the Republicans have not called him on this fraud.


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