Obama wants cuts to be painful

NY Times:

As Cuts Loom, Governors Seek More Control of Federal Funds to Lessen the Pain

Governors of both parties pleaded with President Obama and Congress to give them more discretion over the use of federal money so they could minimize the pain for their citizens.
Obama thinks that making the cuts painful will put more political pressure on Republicans in the House to go along with his obsession of taxing the rich and spending more.  But the rich are already paying most of the taxes and more than their fair share.  While Republicans are reluctant to give Obama discretion on adjusting spending, they probably would be willing to give the governors more.

Obama has not shown good judgment on spending wasting billions on green energy boondoggles and other "stimulus" projects.  He recently arrange to give money to unions whose people are out of work because of their own intransigence in cutting a deal with Hostess.  The money is coming from a fund that is supposed to compensate those who lose their jobs because of foreign competition.  but there were no foreign competitors to Hostess or its Twinkies.  It is one more reason not to trust Obama with other people's money.


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