The Texas Hispanic difference


While Romney and Cruz got lopsided support from white voters, as the presidential ticket did nationally, pre-election surveys by Mike Baselice suggest Romney did 12 to 15 percentage points better with Hispanics in Texas than in California. Obama's big share of the Latino vote in California more closely mirrors his performance in battleground states. 
After comparing surveys from California and Texas, Baselice also said Hispanics self-identify as moderate and conservative at significantly higher rates in Texas. In California, 37 percent of Hispanics call themselves conservative, 30 percent say they’re moderate and 33 percent embrace the liberal label. 
In Texas, 46 percent of Hispanics say they are conservative, 36 percent are moderate and 18 percent say they are liberal, Baselice said.
Well, being a liberal in Texas does tend to make people question your intelligence unless you are hanging out with hippies in Austin.  Seriously, this survey confirms my own impression of Texas Hispanics as being more mainstream conservatives.  Of course it probably helps that being conservative is a ticket to success in Texas.  In California where liberal control the levers of power upward mobility probably requires that you at least pretend to agree with their ideology even when you know it is an abysmal failure in practice.


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