Taliban leaders killed in Pakistan drone strike

Washington Post:

A suspected American drone attack on Thursday killed five leaders of a Pakistani Taliban branch that, local officials said, uses a base in this country’s remote borderlands to stage attacks on international troops in Afghanistan. 
The region is off-limits to journalists and foreigners, making independent verification of drone strikes and casualties nearly impossible. 
Among the militants killed, a Pakistan security official said, was Khan Mohammad, a trusted deputy of the prominent Taliban commander Maulvi Nazir.  
Nazir’s stronghold is the South Waziristan city of Wana. Unlike many other domestic Taliban factions, his fighters focus their strikes inside Afghanistan, not Pakistan. Nazir is widely believed to have a peace agreement with the Pakistani military.
A peace agreement with Nazir is part of Pakistan's double game.  We need to target the leadership of this group as well as their fighters in Pakistan so they will have difficulty in attacking our forces in Afghanistan.  These attacks need to be relentless and persistent if we are going to have an effect on their operations.


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