Iran runs sloppy but lethal operations

Reuel Marc Gerecht:
 "[A]fter the plot was revealed, many quarters, many sensible quarters said that they really couldn’t believe the Iranians were responsible," Gerecht said. "They couldn’t believe Ali Khamenei, whom they described as a cautious man, could have been involved in this. And most importantly they couldn’t believe the Iranians were involved because the operation was so lame, that the hiring of someone like Mr. Arbabsiar couldn’t have happened because this is the A-team. Well, let me tell you, the truth is Iranian operations are almost always sloppy. That’s the way they have been. Do not the mix up the notion that the operations are sloppy and therefore they cannot be lethal.
 "I think it is crystal clear that [Iran’s rulers] have the conception that now, today, in Washington, D.C., they could have a terrorist operation, they could hit the people that they detest most … and they could get away with it," Gerecht added. "Now the only way, that I would argue, that you are going to stop that kind of mentality and attitude is that you have to convince them that you will escalate."
There is a video of his testimony at the link, but its sound quality is not good.  That does not take away from his most important point which is that Iran is committed to attacking us and it has always been sloppy.  Iran is at war with us and it does not mind taking risks to achieve its objectives.  It is too bad we are not at least fighting a covert war with Iran on our own terms.


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