Cuts would gut Marine corps fighting capability

Rowan Scarborough:
A top Marine Corps general told Congress on Thursday that cutting theCorps to 150,000 Marines, as some analysts project, would mean it could not fulfill its mission during a major war, or respond adequately to crises and humanitarian disasters around the world.
“A hundred and fifty thousand would put us below the level that’s necessary to support a single contingency,” said Gen. Joseph Dunford, who as assistant commandant is the nation’s No. 2 Marine.
Furthermore, the Marines, known as America’s 911 response force, would be limited in carrying out an array of special missions.
“We will not be there to deter our potential adversaries,” he told theHouse Armed Services subcommittee on readiness. “We won’t be there to assure our potential friends or to assure our allies. And we certainly won’t be there to contain small crises before they become major conflagrations.”
The Marine Corps is the US's first line of defense and these cuts would make that an impossible task.   We should cut the Education department and the Energy department first.  Both have been ineffective in their core mission while wasting billions of dollars.


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