Libyan 'crossfire'

Charles Krauthammer:
You've got your Mexican standoff, your Russian roulette, your Chinese water torture. And now, your Libyan crossfire. That's when a pistol is applied to the head and a bullet crosses from one temple to the other.
That's apparently what happened to Moammar Gadhafi after he was captured by Libyan rebels — died in a "crossfire," explains Libya's new government.
If they try the guy accused of inflicting the fatal bullet in Libya, I suspect he will be found not guilty.  I do not think the Libyan people want a trial, but the people who did not participate in the rebellion and did not suffer under his rule want to past judgment on his demise.  Krauthammer points out that Qaddafi had ample opportunity to take a deal and leave, but said he wanted to die resisting the rebellion.  He got his wish.


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