Brit commandos snatch Somali tribal leader

Daily Mail:
British commandos made a dramatic amphibious landing on Somalia’s war-torn shores to seize a tribal leader, the Daily Mail can reveal. 
In an extraordinary operation in a lawless area teeming with bandits and pirates, elite Royal Marines launched Viking armoured vehicles from landing craft and pushed several miles inland to pick up the clan chief. 
The unprecedented covert landing comes at a sensitive time in the troubled East African country as Al Qaeda-linked groups are training terror recruits and pirates are holding more than 100 hostages after seizing their boats.

The tribal elder, one of the most influential figures in the region, was whisked through bandit country by heavily armed troops from 539 Assault Squadron and taken to a ‘very important meeting’ with MI6 and the Foreign Office aboard a Royal Navy support ship anchored off the coast.

He was apparently interrogated for information on the location of training camps and hostages taken by pirates.  It was an audacious operation, that probably yielded valuable intelligence.  Obama does not do much in the way of intelligence gathering from terrorist.  He tends to just whack them with a Hell Fire missiles, but you do not tend to get much info about what was in their head other than the remaining goo pouring out of it.


  1. Congratulations to British Commandos and the Higher ups in taking a Bold Decision and making the operation successful.
    In the initial stages of Piracy if such bold steps had been taken Piracy would not have come to this stage. The existing definition /laws of piracy have to looked into and the pirates prevented from using the loopholes.
    Many more bold operations are required to be carried out,the somalian pirates feel that they can use the seafarers as a human shield and nothing can happen to them.Some bold steps have to be taken to rescue the hijacked seafarers who are suffering at the hands of somalian pirates for more 8 months and in some cases for more than a year, and those hijacked ships whose owners are not negotiating have no hope of life.


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