Weiner roast

Iowahawk is on the case after the hacker:


As much as I admire Congressman Weiner's Gandhi-like forgiving attitude toward his assailant - as well as his world class ninja programming skills - I'm afraid this incident doesn't just involve him. For, after all, what Internet user is safe when the person who hacked this unsuspecting Weiner remains at large? Okay, maybe not "large," but still, come on man. Who's to say this same criminal hasn't somehow hacked my last 5 federal income tax returns with fraudulent deductions for alcohol-related blogging expenses?

There is much more. Iowahawk is looking for justice in this matter. I have no idea who sent the photo in question, but the questions raised are worth someone else looking at them for answers. I hope that if anyone hacks my Twitter account they use more flattering pictures.
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