Reporter who exposed al Qaeda ties to attack on Pakistan naval base murdered

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Washington Times:

A Pakistani journalist who wrote last week about the suspected infiltration of Pakistan's navy by al Qaeda terrorists was found dead Tuesday, two days after he went missing in Islamabad.

Syed Saleem Shahzads body was found almost 100 miles north of the Pakistani capital.His face had been battered, and he had a gunshot wound in his stomach, according to sources.

Mr. Shahzad was Pakistan bureau chief of Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online and author of “Inside al Qaeda and the Taliban: Beyond Bin Laden and 9/11.”

He disappeared on Sunday, two days after he wrote an article claiming that al Qaeda had attacked a naval base in Karachi, Pakistan, on May 22 in retaliation for the arrest of naval officials suspected of links with the terrorist group.

He reported that al Qaeda assaulted the base after the collapse of its talks with the navy over the release of the arrested officers.

Earlier in May, Mr. Shahzad revealed that naval intelligence had traced an al Qaeda cell operating inside bases in Karachi.

“It was clear the militants were receiving good inside information, as they always knew where the suspects were being detained, indicating sizeable al Qaeda infiltration within the navy’s ranks,” he wrote.

In the attack on Naval Station Mehran, Pakistani security forces fought in a 17-hour standoff with the militants, who destroyed one of the bases P-3C Orion anti-submarine and maritime-surveillance aircraft and damaged another. The United States had supplied the aircraft, worth $36 million each, to boost Pakistans capacity in the war against terrorists.

Kamran Malik, a former navy commando, and his brother, Zaman Malik, were arrested on Friday in a sweep by Pakistani intelligence agents in connection with the attack.

The Independent reports the man was abducted by "the intelligence services." The events tend to corroborate the US suspicions about some people with in the intelligence operations of Pakistan's military. If these guys had been called to help with the bin Laden operation, it is very likely he would have been warned and fled.

Pakistan is a very dangerous place for those seeking the truth.
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