Government pays $500,000 for shrimp on treadmill test

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ABC News:

You've probably heard of shrimp on the barbie, but what about shrimp on a treadmill?

The National Science Foundation has, and it spent $500,000 of taxpayer money researching it. It's not entirely clear what this research hoped to establish.
But it's one of a number of projects cited in a scathing new report from Sen. Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma, exclusively obtained by ABC News.

Coburn's full report on the NSF's projects.

It's not just shrimp on a treadmill. The foundation spent $1.5 million to create a robot that can fold laundry. But before you try to buy one to save some time, consider that it takes the robot 25 minutes to fold a single towel.

That robot may be competitive with the National Science Foundations project director. Unfortunately probably all that will happen is that the group will be held up to some justified ridicule. Watching the Democrats refuse to even produce a budget shows to what extremes they will go to keep wasting money.
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