Karzai kooky about air strikes

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Washington Post:

In demanding that the U.S.-led coalition stop all airstrikes on Afghan homes, President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday drew his government closer than ever to direct opposition to the United States presence in Afghanistan, a position that could complicate President Obama’s looming decision on how quickly to withdraw American troops.

Even for Western officials accustomed to Karzai’s rebukes, his latest remarks were cause for deep concern, as they went further than before in calling for radical change in how NATO fights its war.

NATO needs to question whether it should continue to protect Karzai, if he thinks bombs are unnecessary to defeat the enemy. His reaction to the unfortunate mistake in bombing civilians shows a deep ignorance of how the enemy is fighting this war. It is because the enemy camouflages himself as a civilian that so many civilians are killed. He should direct his anger toward the Taliban.
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