Going after Gen. McCaffrey

The NY Times is again going after a retired General criticizing his commentary on the war. They do it not by arguing against the substance of his comments so much as about what they perceive as his motivations for those comments.

It is as if they were reading the commentary in this blog and instead of addressing the arguments head on decided to make the argument about me personally. This seems to be a regular tactic of the left in this country, but I don't recall the Times ever devoting seven internet pages to the motivation of war critics. I guess they are just assumed to be altruistic.

The fact is the critics of the war have their own agendas too, but you rarely see those agendas being used to discount the integrity of their arguments.

I don't recall any exploration of the motivation of those who were so desperate for defeat in Iraq that they would seize on any excuse.

What this type of reporting looks like is an attempt to silence anyone who offers arguments in support of victory. It reminds me of the left's attempts to shut down talk radio and Fox News. They just can't stand a competing point of view.

I think it has something to do with the weakness of the anti war argument. They have to find someway to hush reasoned argument. Because the left is so ignorant of warfare in general they are particularly unable to argue against people like Gen. McCaffrey on the merits.


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