Dems donate for cold cash Jefferson's reelection

Washington Times:

Despite his looming trial on federal bribery charges, Louisiana Democratic Rep. William J. Jefferson hasn't had any trouble raising money from his allies in Congress.

Since his June 2007 indictment, Mr. Jefferson has raised more than a quarter-million dollars in political donations to retain the House seat he's held since 1990.

The money includes tens of thousands of dollars from political action committees controlled by other members of Congress. He's also gotten help from labor union PACs.

Mr. Jefferson handily beat his chief rival in the Democratic primary and a subsequent runoff, and is heavily favored to defeat his Republican challenger in the Dec. 6 general election, which was postponed after Hurricane Gustav.

His wins came despite pending felony charges that he took bribes for promoting business deals in Nigeria, Ghana and other nations. He denies any wrongdoing. When prosecutors announced the indictment last year, they said Mr. Jefferson faced a maximum sentence of 235 years in prison if convicted.


When Democrats talk about the culture of corruption on one hand and embrace it and support on the other hand you get the impression they are not serious in condemning it. What Jefferson is charged with is much more material than what Sen. Stevens was charged with. It is a gross injustice for Jefferson to continue in office.


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