Did terrorist fear settlement of Kashmir dispute

Amir Taheri:

THE world confronted a new face of terror this week - operating with brand new tactics and a host of goals.

Earlier this week, for example, Pakistan President Assif Ali Zardari announced his readiness to settle the dispute with India over Kashmir, promising an end to a conflict that has led to four wars and countless terrorist campaigns over the past 50 years.

On Wednesday, terror organizations that do not wish the Kashmir problem to be solved offered their opinion of such a shift, in the form of a series of coordinated attacks against sensitive targets in Bombay (Mumbai), India's business capital and the engine of its recent economic takeoff.

The message was clear: Even if Pakistan scales back its old policy of backing terrorist groups in the name of liberating the Muslims of Kashmir, radical Islamists are capable of continuing the low-intensity war that has cost India billions of dollars and thousands of lives.


If true, it suggest the dangers that will be embedded any any state to state settlement of issues in the region. But by losing their state sponsorship, the terrorist become more isolated an more like the Klu Klux Klan.


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