Saddam's support for terrorism



At the very same time that al Qaeda was setting up the attacks on the United States, Mughniyeh, on Iran’s behalf, engineered a campaign of terror against Israel and other parts of the Middle East through the Hizballah and the Palestinians.

The Lebanese Hizballah and Syrians recruited by him were the very first foreign elements to terrorize American forces in Iraq. After they lit the bonfire, Baathist guerrillas jumped in, followed later by former Iraqi military men.

Up until the late 1990s, Awali was engaged in setting up the logistical infrastructure for the Palestinian confrontation which erupted in September 2000, exactly one year before 9/11. He organized weapons supplies to the Palestinians and personally arranged arms shipments aboard three of the Iranian-Palestinian freighters captured by Israel between 2001 and 2003 – the Santorini, the Karen-A and the Abu Hassan.

With regard to Karin-A, documentary proof exists that the cargo was paid for in Greece by Iraq (during Saddam Hussein’s rule) and Iran through a Greek shipper called Dimitris Kokkos and Pakistani Rifat Muhammed, owners of Nova Spirit Inc. registered in the Delaware, USA, the company that runs al Qaeda’s fleet (estimated today by intelligence experts at 35 freighters of various tonnage).

Nova Spirit operates secretly out of Iran’s Bandar Abbas base of the Revolutionary Guards and ports in Lebanon, Romania and Bulgaria.

Incontrovertible evidence therefore exists of collaborative relations for terror – at least in logistics – binding jihadist al Qaeda, fundamentalist Iran, Saddam Hussein’s secular Iraq, radical Shiite Hizballah and the suicidal, Israeli-hating Palestinian Authority.


DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s reports that five days before his death, Awali returned home from another secret trip to Tehran to pick up new instructions and a large supply of funds for use in exploiting the chaos in the Palestinian Authority to plant more Iranian and Hizballah agents on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

When he alighted from the plane in Beirut, Awali was picked up by a white Mercedes 280 and bodyguard and drove to his new apartment in the smart south Beirut suburb of Muadad.

That new apartment was the death of him. All the top Shiite Hizballah people live together in “The Security Square” of south Beirut, which is enclosed by a high wall and guarded by armed roadblocks fortified against bomb cars. His killers must have kept him under close surveillance for months and knew exactly when and where to rig the bomb that ended his life. Nasrallah and Mughniyeh quickly deduced from the precise timing and method of Alawi’s assassination that their innermost core had been subjected to hostile penetration. This had never happened before – even in the 1980s during Mughniyeh’s reign of terror and abduction against Westerners which eventually drove the Americans out of Beirut.

Hizballah leaders are shy of saying out loud that The Hajj was the fourth of their number to be targeted for liquidation by a similar method in the last two years.

In public, Nasrallah accused the Israeli Mossad and vowed to exact revenge.


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