Honest mistake?

Chicago Boyz:


Except Berger's claims of an "honest mistake" are starting to look exceedingly weak, and although, in my opinion, they are not quite up there with Joseph Wilson IV's cloak-and-dagger Niger tales yet, the leak's potential for political damage could well be much higher.
After one of his visits to the Archives last fall, one of the government officials said, Berger was alerted to the missing documents and later returned some of the materials. On subsequent visits by Berger, Archives staffers specially marked documents he reviewed to try to ensure their return. But the government official said some of those materials also went missing, prompting Archives staffers to alert federal authorities.
In other words, Berger made an "honest mistake" once, was told about it, and did it again. And again. Stuffing documents in his clothes to bypass security protocols which, for classified documents in such facilities, usually involve a search of your bag(s) and/or briefcase(s) on the way out.

Is this the pattern of an "honest" one-off mistake ? And if not, what about those documents that Berger "accidentally" discarded ? Interestingly, Slate's Today's Papers columnist claims they were written by Richard Clarke.


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