Bulgaria shows more grace under pressure than Philippines

Washington Times:


The Bush administration has made no secret of its unhappiness with the Philippines' handling of the crisis, but Mr. Powell's remarks were some of the strongest given publicly.
Mr. Powell spoke after meeting with Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy, whose country has vowed to keep its troops in Iraq despite the kidnapping of two Bulgarian workers by Iraqi militants last week.
Bulgarian officials yesterday positively identified a headless corpse recovered in Baghdad as the body of one of the two men.
Another headless corpse discovered yesterday was thought to be the body of the second Bulgarian hostage.
Noting his small country has only 8 million people, Mr. Passy said the choice for Bulgaria was "whether we were to have two hostages or 8 million and two hostages."
"We will not open the door to anybody to blackmail our principles and our values," he said.


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